Extreme Duty Davit System

About This Project

Extreme Duty Davit System
Snow Chute Davits with Removable Winches.
Technical drawing for a 2500 lb Chute Davit System 



  • 2500 lb WLL per davit
  • 5000 lb WLL per pair
  • 3:1 Safety factor
  • Supplied with 2000 lb capacity winches, model T508


Carrying Capacity:

  • The WLL of each davit is 2500 lb.
  • The T508 manually operated winch can be used to lift 1500 lb without overexertion – applying more load is strenuous and risks shearing the overload shear pin on the winch lever.
  • The winch pair can be used to install 1500 lb x 2 = 3000 lb of chute – this leaves 2000 lb of spare capacity to account for potential ice and wind loads before the 3:1 safety factor comes into play.
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