EdgeGuard® Rails

EdgeGuard® Rails

Portable Safety Rails for worker fall protection (full steel mesh).


  • 42″ tall fully meshed steel rails 
  • Superb handling systems
  • Designed for roofers, contractors, rental stores, construction & safety supply retailers
  • For temporary use on any flat deck with unprotected edges such as roofs, slabs, shafts, stairwells and skylights
  • Designed & built to be the best, safest and most durable rail on the market
  • Quicker & easier to install than any other system on the market


  • No large gaps – this prevents personnel and materials from falling through or between rails
  • Each rail is 42″ tall and fully meshed (6″ x 6″ squares)
  • The gap between rails is only 4″
  • Overhanging toprail ends further reduce the gap to 2″
  • Screw holes along the toeboard retaining angle allow wood toeboards with cut-outs to be screwed to the rail
  • Various galvanized rails offered – Standard Rails (in 3 lengths), Finishing Rails, Adjustable Rails & Gates
  • 11′ rails are longer than any other rail requiring less base weights
  • 11′ rails use 10′ long uncut studs as toeboards (2” x 4” minimum) eliminating sawing
  • Rails are managed by a heavy duty handling system (pallets, carts)
  • EdgeGuard® is in full compliance with OSHA – click here for more information

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear image of the Guardrail on the jobsite
  • Shows the precise quantity of railing needed for the job
  • Shows how to achieve proper positioning
  • Recommends the appropriate parts
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

Other guardrails:

  • Temporary guardrails are usually constructed of wood, steel or wire rope with netting & not usually tested after installation
  • Workers & safety inspectors do not deliberately lean on these barriers since they suspect the guardrail could fail
  • Wood guardrails are costly to build and the lumber is scrapped at the end of the job
  • Steel guardrails are heavy and require ample storage space
  • Wire rope guardrails are often slack which allows the top rail wire to deflect below the OSHA minimum height of 39″


EdgeGuard® is designed solely for use by workers in industrial & construction work environments. It is not designed for use in places where the general public would be in contact with the system. Railing systems for the general public require special consideration due to the presence of children, elderly, visually impaired and others. Canadian Patent No. 2,472,814.

Falls on Construction Sites (2003 USA)

Fatal fall occupational injuries per day 

Nonfatal falls occupational injuries per day 

Source: U.S. Department of Labour, Bureau of Labour Statistics.

EdgeGuard® is designed to comply with the OSHA regulations (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

Click here for more information on OSHA regulations.

EdgeGuard® Brochure

PDF version

Standard Rails

Dimensions: 11 ft long x 42 in tall*
Weight: 58 lb
* When installed on the base weights 11′ rails actually provide 11’6″ of length.

EdgeGuard® Full Length Rail


Dimensions: 8 ft – 2 in long x 42 in tall
Weight: 48 lb

EdgeGuard® 3/4 Length Rail


Dimensions: 8 ft – 2 in long x 42 in tall*
Weight: 45 lb

* When installed on the base weights 3/4 rails actually provide 8’8″ of length.

EdgeGuard® 3/4 Length Rail Hi-Clearnance


Dimensions: 5 ft – 3 in long x 42 in tall
Weight: 37 lb

EdgeGuard® 1/2 Length Rail


Dimensions: 5 ft – 3 in long x 42 in tall*
Weight: 34 lb

* When installed on the base weights, half length rails actually provide 5’9″ of length.

EdgeGuard® 1/2 Length Hi-Clearnance



End Rails cap the protruding base weight.
Weight: 15 lb



Length: adjusts from 7′ to 11′
Weight: 113 lb

EdgeGuard® Adjustable Rail



  • Two gates can replace a Full Length Standard Rail without any adjustment of the base weights
  • Gate latch can be padlocked for secure latch closure

Length: 11 ft.
Weight: 90 lb.

EdgeGuard® Gate Pair


Gate latch can be padlocked for secure latch closure.

Length: 5 ft – 3 in.
Weight: 45 lb.

EdgeGuard® Single Gate

  • Supports the gate, eliminates gate sag & enhances the pivot action
  • Useful where the gate is constantly opened and closed
  • Allows the gate to be padlocked to the adjacent rail

Weight: 15 lb


  • Optional Gate Wheels to facilitate opening of EdgeGuard® Gate


  • Allows easy movement of rails (and counterweights)
  • Wheels are foam-filled & puncture-proof
  • Transporter weight: 48 lb.
  • The balanced Transporter stays upright when empty
  • Roll up to 5 rails around the roof or working area
  • Cart accepts Adjustable Rails
  • Wheels are foam-filled & puncture-proof
  • Cart weight is 88 lb.
  • Cart folds for shipping, storage & crane or forklift handling

EdgeGuard® 5 Rail Cart

  • Stores up to 20 rails
  • Easily transported using a forklift
  • Pallet can be forklifted from both ends or sides
  • Raise or lower the pallet with a crane by slinging web straps through the reinforced rail slots


EdgeGuard® - 20 Rail Steel Pallet

  • Control fine debris and dust
  • Rolls of Scafnet (model 1M50) can be quickly attached to EdgeGuard® rails
  • Rolls measure 4 foot tall x 100 foot long (model 1M50)


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EdgeGuard® Counterweighted Bases, EdgeGuard® Products, Fall Protection, Guardrails
EdgeGuard® Counterweighted Bases, EdgeGuard® Products, Fall Protection, Guardrails
EdgeGuard® Counterweighted Bases, EdgeGuard® Products, Fall Protection, Guardrails