Canvas Chutes

Canvas Chutes

Light & Versatile

Superchute Canvas Chutes are made to order in a variety of colors, materials & shapes. Please contact us so we can determine the best material & attachments for your custom made canvas chute.

Square Canvas Chut


Ideal for:

  • Dropping lightweight trash 
  • Empty boxes
  • Packaging waste
  • Used filters
  • Insulation 
  • Perlite 
  • A variety of other materials 

Advantages of Canvas Chutes vs. Rigid Chutes:

  • Canvas chutes are available in both round & square shapes
  • Much lighter allowing usage of a lower capacity chute hoist
  • Less bulky to store and transport
  • Less expensive

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch:

  • Shows a clear image of the Canvas Chute
  • Shows the precise length needed for the job
  • Recommends the appropriate support frame
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

The following information is stamped front and back with 11″ x 5″ die onto accompanying Top Hoppers and Collar sections:

  • Company name and coordinates
  • Chute description
  • Month & year of manufacture
  • Plastic thickness
  • Chute diameter
  • Chute weight
  • Detailed instructions & fire warning
  • Excellent advertising tool & great anti-theft measure
  • We keep your plate in our library for future orders

There is a small charge for making the die. Please allow 24 hours for preparation.


General Warning
Custom Branding Plate
Fire Warning

  • Great for general purpose use
  • PVC with embedded rip-stop polyester mesh
  • Rubberized material – great for outdoor conditions
  • Fire Retardant*
  • Rot, fungus & UV resistant
  • Available in 14, 16, 18, 22 or 40 oz** and in a variety of colors

* Vinyl chutes are fire retardant – the vinyl is inherently fire retardant.
** 40 oz. vinyl canvas chutes are not fire retardant.

Colour14 oz.16 oz.18 oz.19 oz.22 oz.
Forest Greenx
Navy Bluexx
Royal Bluexxxx


  • Strong nylon fabric works well for tall & heavy duty applications
  • Lighter than all other materials
  • Not fire resistant
  • Available in 8 oz. blue only


  • Used for handling explosive dust
  • Natural cotton fabric will not create a static discharge
  • Durable
  • Available in 18 oz. untreated (beige only)


  • For handling fine dust & powders
  • Fire Retardant
  • Rot & fungus resistant
  • Available in 22 oz. (White one side and grey the other)
Optional Parts

Openings & discharges can be sown into the hem, riveted or clipped to the tops and bottoms of each Superchute® Canvas Chute. These attachments keep the chute fully open, minimize wear & reduce the risk of blockages. All pieces are customized to fit the customer’s work site.


Superchute® Custom Collars

  • Custom collars can be placed either at the top opening of the canvas chute or on the discharge end
  • Clips are located around the collar & attach to the web loops located on the canvas chute


Superchute® Flanges
Flanges can be made in any size to mate with your site flange. They can be factory installed at either end of the canvas chute.



Hose Clamps

Supply hose clamps can be supplied if you need to attach the canvas chute to an existing pipe.



Inserts are used to obtain a rigid opening. Plastic hoops or flat metal bars can be inserted into the hem of the canvas chute allowing the chute to remain fully open.



Superchute® Canvas Support Frames are designed to hold canvas chutes in stadiums and other applications.
SC-150-BD & Canvas Chute Manual 


Superchute® Canvas Chute Top Hopper

Superchute® Canvas Chute Top Hopper

  • Custom built top hoppers designed to fit any round or rectangular canvas chute
  • Clips located around the hopper outlet connect to the web loops located on the canvas chute
Square Canvas Chute

Web Loops
Web loops can be sewn onto either end of the canvas chute. This allows attachment to hopper, collars or other anchor points.




Click on the images to view projects.

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Canvas Chutes, Custom Chute Projects, Custom Top Hoppers & Funnels
Canvas Chutes, Custom Chute Projects, Custom Top Hoppers & Funnels