Chute Parts

General Superchute® Parts

Cable Assemblies

Quickly add or remove chute sections for your job with our strong & lightweight linking system

Superchute® Parts for Wraparound Chutes


Five eyebolts are needed per section

Threaded Studs

Used to repair damaged studs on Wraparound® Regular sections

Red Rope

Prevents fastened Eyebolts from unscrewing

Red elastic shock cord with clip and toggle

Superchute® Parts for Top Hopper and Doors

Finger Flaps

Deflection curtain for the Door section
Prevent falling debris from exiting door section

Included: 6 blind rivets; 6 washers


Loading pan for Top Hopper & Door sections

Warning Gate

Sign features “Danger – Do Not Use Chute” in 3 languages (English, French & Spanish)
OSHA requirement

Included with every Top Hopper and Door Section