Chute Parts

Chute Parts

cable assembly linkage

Superchute® Cable Assemblies

  • Quickly add or remove chute sections for your job with our strong & lightweight linking system
  • The Chutes are attached one on top of another using cables and U-bolts on both sides of the chute
  • Connected cables support the weight of the chute without tension on the chute wall
  • Note: a cable assembly supports the weight of the sections below (cable assemblies above support more weight than those below)

Additional Information

Cable Vs Chain

Superchute Chain Assembly

Cross sectional view of a 7 x 19 cable 5/16″ diameter

With cable the load is shared over 133 wires. When cable becomes fatigued the wires break one by one over a long period of time with little effect on the overall strength. This is the way cable alerts the user to the need for replacement.


Other Brands Chain

With chain the weight of the entire chute system rests on a single link. If you lose a link then you lose it all with potentially fatal consequences. Chain provides no obvious visible warning before failing. The low quality chain that is used by other chute makers is inconsistent, unreliable & unsafe.

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Load Factor

Factors that can reduce the load bearing capacity of cable assemblies:

  • Torsion of the assembly
  • Disfigurement, torsional deterioration, wear, erosion, heat and corrosion
  • Rapid application of load or shaking
  • Application of excessive loads
  • Avoiding corrosive substances and welding of cables

Height and Weight Limit

Changes have been made to the cable assembly since previous versions. Contact Superchute® for the height and weight limit that applies to your fall. The following 3 limits are designated for fall sections equipped with the original cable assemblies. Check the stamping on the sections to verify when a section was manufactured.(1)

  1. A section manufactured in February 1999 or later and still equipped with the original cable assemblies may carry a maximum of 60 sections (200 ft.) or 2000 lbs. of drop, whichever occurs first.(2)
  2. A section manufactured between June 1996 and February 1999 and still equipped with the original cable assemblies can carry a maximum of 30 sections (100 ft.) or 1000 lbs. of drop, whichever comes first.(3) Contact us for a cable assembly adjustment if you require a higher drop system with the limits described above
  3. A section manufactured prior to June 1996 and still equipped with the original rope assemblies can carry a maximum of 15 sections (50′) or 500 lbs. of drop, whichever comes first.(4) The older rope assemblies use lightweight metal alloy carabiners stamped with the words “KONG – BONAITI – ITALY”. The ‘KONG’ type carabiners are inferior to the current forged clips. For this reason, fall sections using this carabiner on the cable assembly can only be used to erect fall systems less than 50 feet in height or 500 lbs in weight, whichever comes first. Contact us for a cable assembly adjustment if you need a higher fall system with the above limitations. The strength of the ‘KONG’ carabiner is reduced when its hook is not fully closed.


  • The above information applies to new cable assemblies working together in pairs
  • The strength of a cable assembly reduces with wear and abuse
  • Maintain safety: inspect cable assemblies regularly and replace when worn
  • Do not mix with other brands of falls – use only Superchute® sections and components
  • Weight is stamped on each section since 1997
  • Contact Superchute® for the height and weight limit that applies to your fall


Notes: Since June 1996 the month and year of manufacture are marked in each section. The month and year of manufacture is only relevant if the pair of cable assemblies has not been modified.

Regular Rope Bag

  • Complete kit for 1 regular Wraparound® section
  • Included: 2x 40″ Cable assembly, 5x Eyebolts, 1x Red container cord and 1x Instruction sheet
  • Weight: 5 lb.

Finger Flaps

  • Deflection curtain for the Door section
  • Prevent falling debris from exiting door section
  • Included: 6 blind rivets; 6 washers
  • Weight: 3 lb

Superchute Eyebolts

  • For Superchute® Wraparound® Sections
  • 5x Eyebolts required per section
  • Weight: 0.25 lb

Superchute® Red Shock Cord

  • For Superchute® Wraparound® Sections
  • Red elastic shock cord with clip and toggle
  • Prevents fastened Eyebolts from unscrewing

Superchute® Kickboard

  • Loading pan for Top Hopper & Door sections
  • Replaceable
  • Specify chute diameter with your order
  • Weight: Varies

Superchute® Threaded Studs

  • Used to repair damaged studs on Wraparound® Regular sections
  • The kit attaches studs to the chute clasp at a rate of 1 per minute
  • Can be bought individually or in a kit
  • Kit contains: 1x Torque Head, 1x Allen Key, 1x Wrench and 100x Studs

Superchute® Warning Gate

  • Included with every Top Hopper and Door Section
  • Wire rope assembly with red plastic sheath & durable plastic sign (8″ wide x 12″ tall)
  • The sheath and sign are stamped with warnings
  • Sign features “Danger Do Not Use Chute” in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish
  • OSHA requirement
  • Includes 2 eyestraps & 4 blind rivets