Fire Rated Chutes

Fire Rated Chutes

Available in plastic, galvanized steel & hard aluminum for different degrees of resistance.



Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear picture of the chute on the building
  • Shows the precise quantity of chute sections needed for the job
  • Shows how to achieve proper door positioning
  • Recommends the appropriate support frame
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Black FR Plastic Sections

Wraparound® Black Fire Retardant UHMWPE Plastic Sections

  • More abrasion resistant and durable than yellow plastic, aluminum or steel
  • Acceptable working temperature between -100°C to 80°C (-148°F to 176°F)
  • 1/4″ Wall thickness – dent resistant wall for very little weight
  • Low noise during use
  • Fire hazard warning on each section
  • Available in any diameter
Dia.SectionWall ThicknessWeight (Lb)
18"Top Hopper0.25”36
Dia.SectionWall ThicknessWeight (Lb)
36"Top Hopper0.25”65

The plastic has been subjected to the following tests:

  • UL 94V-0 (passed)
  • ASTM E 84-08 (result: Class 2)
  • Boston Fire Department Test for Non- Combustible Materials (passed)
  • ASTM E-662 (passed)
  • Bombardier 800 (passed)
  • MSHA, Mine Safety and Health Administration (result: approval)

Note: Black Fire Rated plastic is not UV Treated


The following information is stamped onto every black chute section:

  • Company logo (11″ x 5″) – WE CAN STAMP YOUR COMPANY LOGO
  • Chute description
  • Month & year of manufacture
  • Plastic thickness
  • Chute diameter
  • Chute weight
  • Detailed instructions & fire warning
  • Excellent advertising tool & great anti-theft measure
  • We keep your plate in our library for future orders

There is a small charge for making the die. Please allow 24 hours for preparation.


Galvanized Steel Sections

Wraparound® Galvanized Steel Sections

  • 18 gauge non-combustible galvanized sheet metal
  • Sections lay flat for storage & transport
  • Kickboard & Finger Flaps for the entry sectionss are made of plastic

Galvanized Regular

Galvanized Top Hopper

Dia.SectionThicknessWeight (lb)
30"Top Hopper0.05” (18 guage)73
30"Regular0.05” (18 guage)69
30"Door0.05” (18 guage)83


Aluminum Sections

Welded Aluminum Sections

  • Non-combustible Fire Rated aluminum chutes
  • 1/8” thick aluminum
Dia.SectionThicknessWeight (lb)
30"Top Hopper1/8"55
Steel Square Sections

Welded Steel Square Sections

  • Non-combustible Fire Rated steel chutes
  • 1/8” thick steel
Dia.SectionThicknessWeight (lb)
32"×32"Top Hopper1/8"240

Warning: Even if Fire Rated sections are used fire prevention precautions still apply. View other fire safety measures on the fire prevention page.


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