Decorative Caps & Bases

SlikForm™ Decorative Caps & Bases

Let our machine wizards create forming molds for the decorative caps and bases that you require to dress up your columns.


Ideal for:

  • Columns 
  • Lightpole bases
  • Foundation footings
  • Pier posts 
  • Collars or jackets for column repair 
  • Bleacher bases
  • Grade rings 
  • Voids 


  • Made from slippery, durable polyethylene plastic – can be cleaned & reused multiple times
  • Unaffected by cold, heat, water & chemicals
  • Quick assembly
  • Made to desired height, shape, & diameter (pour rate must be adjusted accordingly)
Column Forms Brochure

PDF version

  • Superchute® Concrete Forms are all made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plastic.
  • HMWPE is resistant to abrasion, chemicals and cold weather
  • Clients in Alaska and other cold climates appreciate its low temperature impact resistance of -100 ºC (-156 ºF)
  • In hot weather the plastic will become a little softer
  • Bright yellow plastic (safety-minded color) shows off your company name plate
  • Many thicknesses available
  • UV treated


  • Unique clasp consists of a pair of 95° aluminum angles riveted to the form wall
  • 95° angle clasp helps the form maintain a continuous round shape
  • Aluminum clasp is quickly closed using the supplied speed bolts & nuts for a tight seal


Button Head Rivet (original design)
The 1/2″ dia. button head creates 2 vertical bands of very shallow dimpled imprints on the concrete surface.

Countersunk Flat Head Rivet

  • Use this rivet style when you must have a smooth concrete surface finish
  • Since the rivets are countersunk 1/16″ of the plastic wall is lost slightly reducing the clasp strength

Superchute® Bracing Collars with Bracing Brackets

  • Use a Bracing Collar around the top of the form to shore, secure, and level the form
  • The collar’s Brace Brackets allow for the insertion and fastening of 2″ x 3″ wood studs for shoring purposes.

Superchute® Bracing Collars with Anchor Brackets

  • Use a Bracing Collar around the base of the form to secure the form to the ground
  • Fasten the collar’s Anchor Brackets to the slab with the supplied HILTI Screw Anchors

HILTI Screw Anchor

Model KH 1/2″ x 6″ – Box of 25 pc – Item #434446


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