Mast Climber Suspension Frame

Mast Climber Frame for Chute Suspension


Designed to support up to 2000 lb. of chute on Hydro-Mobile M-Series Platforms.

If you require a suspension frame for a different make or model of Mast Climber, please contact Superchute to discuss.

Support Beam290 lb ea.
Side Panel with Chain276 lb ea.
Tiebar514 lb ea.
Toeboard124 lb ea.


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  • The support beams for the Frame are inserted through the forklift pockets located beneath the platform 
  • Pins lock each beam into place 
  • Very easy to install 
  • Unit is stored as 5 compact packets 


Very easy to install:

Step 1: Insert the support beams through the forklift pockets located beneath the platform. Use a pin to lock each beam.

Step 2: Mount the side frames on the support beams. Use 2 pins to lock each side frame.

Step 3: Install and pin the 5 crossbars and toeboard. Connect the chute.


The frame consists of very few pieces:

  • 2 support beams
  • 2 side frames with chains
  • 5 tie bars – 4 of which are stored within the beams to further save space
  • 1 toeboard


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Mast Climber Frame Warnings
brochure-hoists-4sides-v2-1Chute Hoists Brochure

PDF version

Parts & Accessories

Superchute® Locking Pins

Locking pins are used to set up your frame.

Superchute® Document Canisters

  • Protect your company and your workers
  • Store & protect instructions, manuals, guides and site sketches inside
  • Virtually indestructible hard plastic tube
  • Weatherproof
  • Canister is pinned to the frame
  • Use extra canisters for protecting other instructions


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