Drop-in Rail

Drop-in Rail – Guardrail System for Permanent Installations

Pre-installed slab sockets allow rapid removal & insertion of Drop-In Posts.


  • Custom-built permanent guardrail solution 
  • Use where the guardrail must be removed and installed frequently 
  • Rails lock onto the posts by means of a latching system 
  • Aluminum posts & rails 
  • Galvanized steel bases 
  • Typical uses on shafts, truck inspection pits & slab edges 
  • Customized solution designed & fabricated to meet your requirements 


  • Core the concrete floor slab
  • Insert & bolt the Slab Sockets to the floor slab to allow rapid removal & insertion of Drop-In Posts
  • Rails snap onto the posts and lock into place
  • Release the post catch to remove an individual rail


Anchor TypeScrew
ModelKH-EZ 5/8″ x 5 1/2″
Usable Length5.5"
Minimum Embedment5″
Drill Bit5/8"
Min. Slab7"
Hole Depth6"
Torque85 ft.lb
Max Impact Wrench Torque in concrete450 ft.lb


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