Chute Accessories

Chute Accessories

Superchute® Steel Liners

  • A curled liner can cause a blockage
  • Care must be taken if liners are used higher up in the chute because liners will curl after prolonged use
  • Liners are intended for use at the discharge end of the chute where the last few sections curve into the container
  • Usually 2 or 3 are installed where the debris is hitting hardest


  • We can make a matching liner for any of our six chute diameters
  • Painted diameter specs
  • Two hand-holds
  • Brackets for easy chute wall attachment
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Protect heavy-wear areas in the chute
Part#Chute DiameterLiner Weight
SC-LINER1818"23 lb.
SC-LINER2323"32 lb.
SC-LINER2727"37 lb.
SC-LINER3030"40 lb.
SC-LINER3333"48 lb.
SC-LINER3636"53 lb.

Superchute® Ring & Hook Assembly

  • Allow a pair of lifting rings to be rapidly fitted to any Regular Chute or Door Section for easy hook-ons
  • Top Hoppers are factory-equipped with lifting rings – sections below the Top Hopper are not equipped with lifting rings
  • Each ring easily accepts 2 hooks – the lifting bar hook & the hoist hook
  • The Superchute® Ring & Hook Assembly is highly recommended for Fishpole installations where there will be a sill or parapet at the Top Hopper level
  • Multiple length chute systems require Ring & Hook Assemblies for every length


Note: U-bolts bolted through the chute wall do not provide sufficient room for the connection of multiple lifting hooks.

Superchute® Container Drencher

  • Keeping container contents wet reduces airborne dust & prevents container fires
  • Read more about fire prevention here
  • Clamp a Drencher to the top edge of the container and attach a garden hose

Superchute® Entry Lockouts

  • Physically block off entry holes on any Door or Top Hopper section with our Entry Lockouts
  • Every lockout is supplied with a padlock – all padlocks are keyed alike

Top Hopper Lockout

Entry covers for Top Hoppers physically block off the entry hole, and can be padlocked.

Door Section Lockout

2 part solution for Door Sections consisting of a Cover and a Stiffener (new design July 2017).

Superchute® Entry Troughs

  • Access your chute from a distance with Entry Troughs for Door & Top Hopper sections
  • Built of 3 x 9mm plastic panels
  • Assembles easily with nuts and bolts
  • 6 ft, 5 ft, 4 ft or custom lengths available
  • Features a warning gate and 2 tie-off wire ropes
  • Aluminum angles are 1/4″ thick

Superchute® Fire Hazard Sign

  • 3 languages – English, French & Spanish
  • Durable plastic – 8″ wide x 12″ tall – in color
  • One sign is issued free with every chute order

10′ Superchute® Container Cord  (Breakaway Cord)

  • Attach a chute discharge end to various ends of the container or dumpster for even fills
  • 40′ provided with every chute order (no charge)
  • Designed to fail & free a chute if a full container is accidentally driven away with chute still attached
  • Other cords & ropes have tremendous strength and are unlikely to fail resulting in chutes being pulled from buildings
  • 2 Container Cords maximum per container recommended (do not double up the cord)

Superchute® Rapid Warning Light System

“If there is a problem with the chute, how can I quickly tell
workers on other levels to stop using it?”


Our Rapid Warning Light System allows any worker to
instantly indicate a “Do Not Use Chute” situation to
workers on other levels.


This communication tool can help prevent an incident if:

  • The chute is blocked
  • The full container is being changed for an empty
  • There is a problem with the chute


Other features:

  • Modular, low voltage, electronic system that can easily expand to match the length of chute & number of chute entries
  • The entire system is watertight & features heavy duty components.
  • Electrician not required for installation – all you need is an electrical outlet
  • Assembles in minutes – no tools are required


Rapid Warning Light System Brochure 

Superchute® Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies

  • Marine grade stainless or SAE 316 stainless steel protects against rust and corrosion
  • Applications include exposure to phosphates, sea water, lime silos and other corrosives
  • Quickly add or remove chute sections for your job with our strong & lightweight linking system
  • Chutes clip one on top of another using cables and U-bolts on both sides of the chute
  • Connected cables support the entire weight of the chute without strain on the chute wall
  • Note – a cable assembly pair supports the weight of the chute sections beneath (cable assemblies higher up support more weight than lower ones)
  • Click here to learn more about Superchute® Cable Assemblies

Superchute® Chute Banners

  • Excellent advertising visibility
  • Vinyl plastic long-life letters
  • 40″ tall letters
  • 4 elastic ropes and 4 clips
  • Black or other color letters available


  • Determine the actual quantity of chute sections required for the job
  • Measure the vertical distance to a window sill, floor slab, roof or balcony while staying on the ground
  • Send a guy to the roof, balcony or window with a target plate
  • Stand below, aim at the target & press – bingo you now know it’s height



  • 656 ft range (200 m) outdoors
  • Determine distances, areas, volumes, offsets and perimeters at the touch of a button
  • Easy to use – just aim and press a button
  • Light weight and accurate laser – fits in your pocket
  • Built-in optical sight for aiming long distances and outside

Tractel® T508 Tirfor® Winch for Tensioning the Wire Rope

  • Low maintenance
  • Hand lever operated
  • Lightweight and wear resistant

* Always carry spare shear pins (stored in yellow handle)

Door Adjustment Options

Aligning Door Sections to Floor Levels

Obtain a personalized installation plan through our computerized Site Sketch before installing a chute to show the chute on your building.



  • Exact quantity & type of chute sections needed for the job
  • The appropriate chute hoist or combination of chute hoists
  • Where to apply ¾ length lanyards or ¾ length sections for precise door positioning

Superchute® Chute Lanyards

  • Use to shorten a chute section & align door sections to their desired heights
  • Apply the lanyard pair to 2 regular sections during assembly
Regular SectionInchesMeters
Total height 481.22
Installed height401.02
Installed height with lanyards variousvarious

Do not use on the regular section immediately above a door  – a regular section that is deeply nested in a door section will overlap, obstruct, and block the door opening.

3/4 Length Sections

  • Shorter Superchute® Regular Sections
  • For use above a Door Sections
  • Other custom length sections available – please contact us

Superchute® Chain Adjustment Kit

  • Shorten Regular Sections so that Door Section openings rest precisely at window sills, floor slabs, roof edges or scaffold levels
  • Quicker debris removal with properly adjusted doors
  • Greater fine tuning capability
  • Consists of two lengths of rated chain
  • 2 clips on each chain – one of which is a special chain grabbing clip custom forged for Superchute®


  • The kit is used only where a door needs adjustment (one kit per door)
  • The door rises as the regular sections nestle further into one another
  • Do not use the kit on a regular section above a door – it will block the door opening by the regular section
  • Come-Alongs are recommended – one pair per jobsite (sold separately)
Old Chain Adjustment Kit with chain grabbing clip & stainless steel instruction tag
New Chain Adjustment Kit


  • Use a pair of Come-Alongs (made in USA) to install each Door Adjustment Kit
  • The Come-Alongs will support the chute load while the Door Adjustment Kit is installed
  • A single pair can serve many Door Adjustment Kits
  • Sold separately

Superchute® Chain Assemblies

Chain Assemblies are available for clients who prefer the adjustability of a chain system.

Repair Kits

Superchute® Stud Repair Kit

  • For field repair of studs are used on Wraparound® Regular Sections
  • Attach studs to the clasp – 1 stud per minute approx.
  • Includes Wrench, Allen key, Torque head & 100 x studs

Superchute® Stud Repair Kit

  • For field repair of studs are used on Wraparound® Regular Sections
  • Attach studs to the clasp – 1 stud per minute approx.
  • Includes Wrench, Allen key, Torque head & 100 x studs

1. Use a mini-grinder (not supplied) to gently cut & grind away the damaged stud. Take care not to grind the aluminum track.

2. Once the collar is flush with the track use a hammer and punch to bang out the remaining head. Drilling is not recommended as it may enlarge the hole which would make a poor fit for the new stud. Wear eye protection.

3. The tools will attach the studs by crimping them.

(Uncrimped & Crimped)



Superchute® Chute Wall Repair Kit

  • 6 patches  – three 1′ x 1′ & three 2′ x 1′
  • 60 aluminum-steel blind rivets (3/16″)
  • 60 washers
  • Manual rivet fastener sold separately