Chute Accessories

Chute Accessories

Superchute® Steel Liners

  • Protect heavy-wear areas in the chute
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Brackets for easy chute wall attachment
  • Two hand-holds
  • Painted diameter specs
  • We can make a matching liner for any of our six chute diameters


Part#Chute DiameterLiner Weight
SC-LINER1818"23 lb.
SC-LINER2323"32 lb.
SC-LINER2727"37 lb.
SC-LINER3030"40 lb.
SC-LINER3333"48 lb.
SC-LINER3636"53 lb.


Superchute® Ring & Hook Assembly

  • Allow a pair of lifting rings to be rapidly fitted to any Regular Chute or Door Section for easy hook-ons
  • Top Hoppers are factory-equipped with lifting rings – sections below the Top Hopper are not equipped with lifting rings
  • Each ring easily accepts 2 hooks – the lifting bar hook & the hoist hook
  • The Superchute® Ring & Hook Assembly is highly recommended for Fishpole installations where there will be a sill or parapet at the Top Hopper level
  • Multiple length chute systems require Ring & Hook Assemblies for every length


Note: U-bolts bolted through the chute wall do not provide sufficient room for the connection of multiple lifting hooks.

Superchute® Container Drencher

  • Keeping container contents wet reduces airborne dust & prevents container fires
  • Read more about fire prevention here
  • Clamp a Drencher to the top edge of the container and attach a garden hose


Superchute® Entry Lockouts

  • Physically block off entry holes on any Door or Top Hopper section with our Entry Lockouts
  • Every lockout is supplied with a padlock – all padlocks are keyed alike

Top Hopper Lockout

Entry covers for Top Hoppers physically block off the entry hole, and can be padlocked.


Door Section Lockout

2 part solution for Door Sections consisting of a Cover and a Stiffener (new design July 2017).


Superchute® Entry Troughs

  • Access your chute from a distance with Entry Troughs for Door & Top Hopper sections
  • Built of 3 x 9mm plastic panels
  • Assembles easily with nuts and bolts
  • 6 ft, 5 ft, 4 ft or custom lengths available
  • Features a warning gate and 2 tie-off wire ropes
  • Aluminum angles are 1/4″ thick


Superchute® Danger Signs

  • Warning Gates & Danger signs included with every Top Hopper and Door Section
  • Wire rope assembly with red plastic sheath & durable plastic sign (8″ wide x 12″ tall)
  • The sheath and sign are stamped with warnings
  • Sign features “Danger Do Not Use Chute” in 3 languages – English, French & Spanish
  • OSHA requirement
  • Includes 2 eyestraps & 4 blind rivets
  • Please specify your chute diameter when ordering
  • You can buy the sign alone (includes 2 zip ties)



Superchute® Fire Hazard Sign

  • 3 languages – English, French & Spanish
  • Durable plastic – 8″ wide x 12″ tall – in color
  • One sign is issued free with every chute order


10′ Superchute® Container Cord  (Breakaway Cord)

  • Attach a chute discharge end to various ends of the container or dumpster for even fills
  • 40′ provided with every chute order (no charge)
  • Designed to fail & free a chute if a full container is accidentally driven away with chute still attached
  • Other cords & ropes have tremendous strength and are unlikely to fail resulting in chutes being pulled from buildings
  • 2 Container Cords maximum per container recommended (do not double up the cord)



Superchute® Rapid Warning Light System

“If there is a problem with the chute, how can I quickly tell
workers on other levels to stop using it?”


Our Rapid Warning Light System allows any worker to
instantly indicate a “Do Not Use Chute” situation to
workers on other levels.


This communication tool can help prevent an incident if:

  • The chute is blocked
  • The full container is being changed for an empty
  • There is a problem with the chute


Other features:

  • Modular, low voltage, electronic system that can easily expand to match the length of chute & number of chute entries
  • The entire system is watertight & features heavy duty components.
  • Electrician not required for installation – all you need is an electrical outlet
  • Assembles in minutes – no tools are required


Rapid Warning Light System Brochure 

Superchute® Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies

  • Marine grade stainless or SAE 316 stainless steel protects against rust and corrosion
  • Applications include exposure to phosphates, sea water, lime silos and other corrosives
  • Quickly add or remove chute sections for your job with our strong & lightweight linking system
  • Chutes clip one on top of another using cables and U-bolts on both sides of the chute
  • Connected cables support the entire weight of the chute without strain on the chute wall
  • Note – a cable assembly pair supports the weight of the chute sections beneath (cable assemblies higher up support more weight than lower ones)
  • Click here to learn more about Superchute® Cable Assemblies


Superchute® Chute Banners

  • Excellent advertising visibility
  • Vinyl plastic long-life letters
  • 40″ tall letters
  • 4 elastic ropes and 4 clips
  • Black or other color letters available



  • Determine the actual quantity of chute sections required for the job
  • Measure the vertical distance to a window sill, floor slab, roof or balcony while staying on the ground
  • Send a guy to the roof, balcony or window with a target plate
  • Stand below, aim at the target & press – bingo you now know it’s height



  • 656 ft range (200 m) outdoors
  • Determine distances, areas, volumes, offsets and perimeters at the touch of a button
  • Easy to use – just aim and press a button
  • Light weight and accurate laser – fits in your pocket
  • Built-in optical sight for aiming long distances and outside


Tractel® T508 Tirfor® Winch for Tensioning the Wire Rope

  • Low maintenance
  • Hand lever operated
  • Lightweight and wear resistant

* Always carry spare shear pins (stored in yellow handle)


Door Adjustment Options

Aligning Door Sections to Floor Levels

Obtain a personalized installation plan through our computerized Site Sketch before installing a chute to show the chute on your building.



  • Exact quantity & type of chute sections needed for the job
  • The appropriate chute hoist or combination of chute hoists
  • Where to apply ¾ length lanyards or ¾ length sections for precise door positioning

Superchute® Chute Lanyards

  • Use to shorten a chute section & align door sections to their desired heights
  • Apply the lanyard pair to 2 regular sections during assembly


Custom Length as per the tag


Regular SectionInchesMeters
Total height 481.22
Installed height401.02
Installed height with lanyards variousvarious

Do not use on the regular section immediately above a door  – a regular section that is deeply nested in a door section will overlap, obstruct, and block the door opening.

3/4 Length Sections

  • Shorter Superchute® Regular Sections
  • For use above a Door Sections
  • Other custom length sections available – please contact us


Superchute® Chain Adjustment Kit

  • Shorten Regular Sections so that Door Section openings rest precisely at window sills, floor slabs, roof edges or scaffold levels
  • Quicker debris removal with properly adjusted doors
  • Greater fine tuning capability
  • Consists of two lengths of rated chain
  • 2 clips on each chain – one of which is a special chain grabbing clip custom forged for Superchute®
Old Chain Adjustment Kit with chain grabbing clip & stainless steel instruction tag
New Chain Adjustment Kit



  • Use a pair of Come-Alongs (made in USA) to install each Door Adjustment Kit
  • The Come-Alongs will support the chute load while the Door Adjustment Kit is installed
  • A single pair can serve many Door Adjustment Kits
  • Sold separately


Superchute® Chain Assemblies

Chain Assemblies are available for clients who prefer the adjustability of a chain system.

Repair Kits

Superchute® Stud Repair Kit

  • For field repair of studs are used on Wraparound® Regular Sections
  • Attach studs to the clasp – 1 stud per minute approx.
  • Includes Wrench, Allen key, Torque head & 100 x studs

1.   2. 3.   4.

Superchute® Chute Wall Repair Kit

  • 6 patches  – three 1′ x 1′ & three 2′ x 1′
  • 60 aluminum-steel blind rivets (3/16″)
  • 60 washers
  • Manual rivet fastener sold separately

1.  2. 3.



Use the kit to patch small holes in the chute wall.