Original Scafnet®

YarnMesh DiameterWeightShadeBurst Strength
Polyethylene1/8"3.5 oz/sq.yd.40%138 psi
ModelColorsDimensions (imperial)Dimensions (metric)lb/roll
SCAF1M50Green │ Orange4’ x 165’ = 660 ft21.2 m x 50 m = 60 m220 lb
SCAF2M50Green │ Orange │ Red6.5’ x 165’ = 1100 ft22 m x 50 m = 100 m230 lb
SCAF3M50Green │ Orange10’ x 165’ = 1650 ft23 m x 50 m = 150 m245 lb
  • Provides excellent debris & dust control as well as shade 
  • Fine mesh net with a stretching weave 
  • Over 25 years of tried & tested use across North America 
  • Catch light debris falling from scaffolds, bridges & buildings under construction 
  • Hundreds of rolls in stock at all times available for immediate shipment
  • Many sizes available 
  • Each roll is individually bagged 
  • Passes NFPA 701-2004 Test Method 2 – Flame Propagation
  • Reinforced knitted buttonholes along the edges
  • All Scafnet® models can be quickly cut to size without fraying
  • Disposable nylon quick-ties allow for rapid Scafnet installation
  • Install bands of Scafnet® from top-to-bottom or left-to right
  • Scafnet® meets the following requirement: OSHA 1926.451 (h)(1) Scaffolds: “Falling Object Protection”
TestTest TypeGreen & Orange Net
1Mesh Breaking Strength (length)61 lb.
Mesh Breaking Strength (width)93 lb.
Elongation at break (length)61%
Elongation at break (width)88%
2Yarn Breaking Strength4 lb.
3Burst Strength138 psi
4Wounded Burst Strength53 psi

Description of Tests:

  1. Breaking Strength of Fabrics (Grab Method: CAN/GSB-4.2 Method 9.2-M90). A 4″ wide x 6″ tall specimen of fabric is held between 2 vertical clamps. Tension is applied so that rupture of the specimen occurs within 20 seconds. This test is similar to ISO 5082:1982.
  2. Breaking Strength of Yarns (Single Strand Method: CAN/GSB-4.2 Method 9.4-M91). A single strand of yarn is held between 2 clamps. Tension is applied so that rupture of the specimen occurs within a specified interval of time.
  3. Burst Strength (Diaphragm Pressure Test: CAN/GSB-4.2 Method 11.1-94). A fixed area of fabric is subjected to pressure on one side through a diaphragm, and the pressure is gradually increased until the fabric is ruptured. This test is technically equivalent to ASTM D 3786-87.
  4. Wounded Burst Strength (Diaphragm Pressure Test: CAN/GSB-4.2 Method 11.1-94). Same as previous except a 12.5 mm cut is made to the test area.

Detailed test reports are available for all nets.


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