Round Supa-Slides®

Round Supa-Slides®

Superb ease of use & durability.



Ideal for:

  • Gravel placement applications
  • Moving concrete & sand
  • Strong & light
  • Custom lengths available
  • Stores flat for easy shipping and compact storage
  • Effecient design
  • Made of non-stick plastic
  • Clips together in seconds
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Custom shapes available – for turning corners for example
  • Linking system allows connection of any number of slides

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear image of the Supa-Slide® on the jobsite
  • Shows the precise quantity of parts & sections needed for the job
  • Shows how to achieve proper positioning
  • Recommends the appropriate support frames if applicable
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

The following information is stamped front and back with 11″ x 5″ die onto the side wall sections:

  • Company name and coordinates
  • Chute description
  • Month & year of manufacture
  • Plastic thickness
  • Detailed instructions & fire warning
  • Excellent advertising tool & great anti-theft measure
  • We keep your plate in our library for future orders

There is a small charge for making the die. Please allow 24 hours for preparation.


brochure-slides-4sides-1Slides Brochure

PDF version


Every Supa-Slide® is stamped with the following information and warning – it is very important that these warnings are obeyed and taking seriously to reduce the risk of injury or death.

Rectangular Slide Emergency Removal #1
This video demonstrates how fast one person can remove a slide from a stairwell in case of a fire or other emergency.

Rectangular Slide Emergency Removal #2
This video demonstrates how fast two people can remove a slide from a stairwell in case of a fire or other emergency.

  • Most Superchute® sections are made of YELLOW High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • HMWPE is resistant to abrasion, chemicals & cold weather
  • Clients in Alaska & other cold climates appreciate its low temperature impact resistance of -100 ºC (-156 ºF)
  • In hot weather the plastic will become a little softer
  • Bright yellow plastic (safety-minded color) shows off your company name plate
  • Many thicknesses available
  • UV treated
HDPE (other brands)0%
HMWPE (Superchute®)0%
Carbon Steel0%
UHMWPE (custom Superchute® plastic)0%


higher number = longer life


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