Winches & Rigging

Winches & Rigging

Custom Rigging & Winch Solutions.

Single Drum Winch

Power Winch – 1500 lb. capacity with radio remote controllers



Dual Drum Winch

Dual Drum Power Winch – Wide Spacing (with radio remote controller)



Dual Drum Power Winch – Tight Spacing – Opposite Winding (with radio remote controller)



Multiple Partition Winches

Single Drum – 4 Partitions



Dual Drum – 4 Partitions


Lifting Collars

Superchute® Lifting Collars

We manufacture a variety of Lifting Collars to facilitate retraction of a Superchute® Nesting Chute.  All collars are custom-built to suit the application.

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Automated Retraction System
  • Detects the pile height automatically by means of an ultrasonic sensor, and adjusts the chute retraction to match.
  • Ideal for sites where conveyors are continuously running without constant supervision
  • The Power Panel has a selector switch with both automatic and manual modes to allow for manual control of the chute

3 major parts:

  • Ultrasonic Sensor with Cable Reel
  • Drum Winch
  • Power Panel with optional Operator Panel

Parts can be customized to meet your job’s specifications.

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