Roofer Hoist

Roofer Hoist

  • Counterweight chute hoist for roofs, floor slabs and window openings
  • Quick assembly (10 minutes) 
  • No tools required, only a handful of identical locking pins
  • The support frame features a 3:1 safety factor

Advantages of weight beam arrangement:

  • Splayed apart weight beams stabilize the hoist
  • Weight beams are angled upwards to act as a personnel enclosure towards the front of the hoist
  • Hoist frame contacts the deck in just 3 places allowing hoist to be left in place during roof tear-offs 
  • Roofer Hoists are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of OSHA, Part 1926-500/501/502, Subpart M & Appendix B, Fall Protection.


Sloped Roof Configuration

  • The SC-300-cb can be installed on a sloped roof
  • Maximum acceptable slope is 5:12
  • Also works on flat roofs
  • Always tie-back the hoist
  • Always screw down the hoist to the roof deck

Supports up to 300 lb. of chute.
SC-300-cb Installation Manual 


SC-300-cb300 lb capacity support frame200 lb.
SC-WEIGHTCounterweights: 4 weights x 55 lb. each220 lb.
Optional Items:
SC-LB-1000Lifting bar (specify chute diameter)15 lb.
SC-F-300Fishpole + drum winch + 60’ cable45 lb.
Mast height46"
Boom reach30"
Front width44"
Rear width7′

Supports up to 600 lb. of chute.
SC-605-cb Installation Manual 


SC-605-bd600 lb capacity support frame330 lb.
SC-WEIGHTCounterweight: 10 weights x 55 lb. each550 lb.
Optional Items:
SC-LB-1000Lifting bar (specify chute diameter)15 lb.
SC-F-605Fishpole + drum winch + 100’ cable50 lb.
Mast height46"
Boom reach44"
Base length15′-8"
Front width44"
Rear width7’ to 11’ max

Supports up to 900 lb. of chute.
SC-905-bd Installation Manual 


SC-905-cb900 lb capacity support frame400 lb.
SC-WEIGHTcounterweights: 12 weights x 55 lb. each660 lb.
Optional Items:
SC-LB-1000Lifting bar (specify chute diameter)15 lb.
SC-F-905Fishpole + T-508 winch + 150’ x 8.3 mm cable50 lb.
Mast height46"
Boom reach44"
Base length15′-8"
Front range44"
Rear range7’ to 11’ max
Parts & Accessories

Superchute® Fishpoles

  • All our Hoists feature a removable Fish Pole to raise & lower the chute
  • The device is removed once the chutes are clipped to the hoist frame
  • A single fish pole can install chutes on any number of hoist frames provided they are of the same model



Superchute® Drum & Traction Winches

  • Superchute® Fishpoles are equipped with manual winches to manage the design loads and provide proper speed for chute installation
  • Manual winches require no external power source
  • All winches are chosen for their durability & ease-of-use

Traction winches are used on chute hoists with a capacity of 750 lb. or more.

Drum winches are used on chute hoists with a capacity of 650 lb. or less.

Motorize your Chute Hoist with our Superchute® Electric Fishpole Adapter.


The Electric Fishpole replaces manual winches & works with the following Fishpole models:

Chute HoistFishpole Model
Roofer HoistSC-F-905
Winch ModelStandard Motor (others available)CapacityDrawSpeedWeight
SC-PC3-1000E208 VAC 60 Hz Single Phase1000 lb.7 amp35 ft/min100 lb.
SC-PC3-1500E208 VAC 60 Hz Single Phase1500 lb.9 amp35 ft/min100 lb.


Electric Winch Adapter With the POWER CLIMBER System

Electric Winch Adapter with the Power Climber System

Electric Winch Adapter with the Astro System


Superchute® Lifting Bars

  • Use the lifting bar to lift or lower a chute with a hoisting cable
  • The lifting bar will clip onto a Top Hopper, Door, or Regular section
  • The lifting bar can be attached to a Superchute® Fishpole or crane cable
  • Galvanized steel bar
  • Sizes available: 18″ – 23″ – 27″ – 30″ – 36″

SC-LB-1000 Light Duty

Superchute® Counterweights

  • Superchute counterweights must be used to anchor the Roofer Hoists
  • Each counterweight weighs 55 lb.
  • Virtually indestructible

Weight beams with counterweights

Superchute® Document Canisters

  • Protect your company and your workers
  • Store & protect instructions, manuals, guides and site sketches inside
  • Virtually indestructible hard plastic tube
  • Weatherproof
  • Bolt the canister to the chute or hoist
  • Use extra canisters for protecting other instructions

Superchute® Winch Covers

  • Protect your winch when not in use
  • Comes in 2 sizes to fit both T-508 and T-516 Winches

RopeRail™ Winch Protective Cover


  • Prevent hoists from being pulled over the edge due to chute blockage or external force
  • All counter-weighted Superchute® Chute Hoists must be secured to suitable anchor points using the built-in tie-back loops
  • Our Tie-Backs are used only for securing Superchute® Hoists & Chutes

Superchute® Tie-Back Kit

100′ of 5/16″ Galvanized Cable

Forged hook with locking gate

Lever-action Cable Grabber

Superchute® Concrete Anchor Kits

  • Ideally suited for securing our Tie-Back Kits to our Heavy Duty Concrete Anchors (Galvanized steel)
  • Bolt anchors to concrete floor slabs using expansion anchor bolts for up to 5000 lb. of support
  • A structural engineer must verify the adequacy of the chosen concrete slab

Concrete Expansion Anchor Bolts

Superchute® Chain Anchor Kit

  • Useful where exposed drillable concrete slabs are not available
  • Ideally suited for securing our Tie-Back Kits to structurally adequate members of the building
  • Our 10 ft Chain Kits are built using high carbon Grade-8 chain and are equipped with matching Grade-8 fittings

Superchute® Wire Ropes

  • Use to secure the chute system
  • All galvanized wires are cleanly cut & fused to prevent fraying
  • Can be equipped with clips or swaged loops
  • Order the lengths you need along with the desired attachments
  • No charge for thimbles and swages
  • Contact us for other wire rope needs

DiameterBreaking StrainStrandFinishThimbleSwage
5/32"1270 kg - 2800 lb.7 x 19Galv.S/SAlum.
3/16"1900 kg - 4200 lb.7 x 19Galv.S/SAlum.
1/4"3175 kg - 7000 lb.7 x 19Galv.S/SAlum.
5/16"4445 kg - 9800 lb.7 x 19Galv.Galv.Alum.

Superchute® Forged Steel Clips

Our clips are lightweight, strong & easy to handle.

StyleLengthWorking Load LimitConstructionLock Gate
Simple5”1000 lb. - 450 kgForged steel - Chromate platedNo
Chain6 1/2”1000 lb. - 450 kgForged steel - Chromate platedNo
Lock 1 5 1/4”1000 lb. - 450 kgForged steel - Chromate platedYes




Superchute® Locking Pins

Locking pins are used to set up your Hoist.
Note: Each hoist model uses it’s own pin size.


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