Site Sketcher Service

Free Site Sketches

Superchute® offers fast & free site sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch:

  • Shows a clear picture of the chute on the building 
  • Shows the precise quantity of chute sections needed for the job 
  • Shows how to achieve proper door positioning 
  • Recommends the appropriate support frame 

To obtain an accurate sketch please provide the answers to the following questions:

    1. What is the project name?

    2. What type of debris will be thrown down the chute?

    3. What type of construction?

    New constructionRenovationOther

    4. What are the floor-to-floor heights?

    5. How many floors does the building have?

    6. On which level will the highest entry point be located?

    7. From which floors do you want to dump debris?

    8. Is simultaneous floor access required or will the chute be lowered/raised as the job progresses?


    9. What are the window sill heights for the floors where the workers will be dumping debris (if any)?

    10. Is the roof flat or sloped?


    11. If applicable what is the height of the parapet on the roof?

    12. Is the ground floor the same as Floor #1?


    13. Will the trash container be located on the ground floor level?


    14. What is the height of the container?

    40 yd³ = 8 ft30 yd³ = 7 ft20 yd³ = 6 ft

    15. What diameter of chute do you prefer?


    16. What design of chute do you prefer?

    Wraparound (flat)Welded (permanent cones)

    17. Will a crane or other suitable hoist be available for chute installation?


    If so what is the lifting capacity?

    18. Superchute’s most popular support device is bolted to a concrete floor.

    Does the building have solid concrete floors? Specify.


    19. Can the installer drill into the floors?


    20. Is the concrete surface exposed?


    21. How thick is the floor?

    22. Does the floor contain embedded tensioning cables?


    23. Do you prefer metric or imperial anchor bolts? (Metric = HILTI, 18 mm bit) (Standard = Powers, 5/8” bit)


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