Mega Snow Chute

Mega Snow Chute

Roof Mounted Mega Snow Chute for parking decks. For use with tractor buckets.

  • Many diameters up to 90″
  • Can be equipped with funnels, davits and winches for suspension & installation 
  • Davits and winches can be protected by tamper-proof plastic enclosures 

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear image of the Snow Chute on the building
  • Shows the precise quantity of sections needed for the job
  • Shows how to achieve proper positioning
  • Recommends the appropriate support frame
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

The following information is stamped front and back with 11″ x 5″ die onto every chute section:

  • Company name and coordinates
  • Chute description
  • Month & year of manufacture
  • Plastic thickness
  • Chute diameter
  • Chute weight
  • Detailed instructions & fire warning
  • Excellent advertising tool & great anti-theft measure
  • We keep your plate in our library for future orders

There is a small charge for making the die. Please allow 24 hours for preparation.


Snow Chutes Brochure

PDF version


Superchute® Mega Hoppers

  • Heavy duty metal & plastic enclosure with funnel
  • Entry point for snow
  • The uppermost section
  • One needed per chute system
  • Entries for multi-level work
  • Any number per system
  • Wraparound® design – they ship flat
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Adjust height using Superchute® Lanyards
  • Minimal storage space required when stored flat
  • A safe and simple closure system
  • Opened chutes stack like sheets of plywood




  • Superchute Wraparounds® leaving the factory are very well crated
  • 9 opened Regular Sections and 1 Welded Top Hopper (30′ of chute) can fit inside a pick-up truck


Snow Chute Wall Cradle Accessory


Davit Mounting Options
Deck Mounted Davit

Deck Mounted Davits

Secured to the floor slab, typically with thru-bolts & crossbeams

column mounted davit

Column Mounted Davits

These davits are mounted to a pair of horizontal beams, which in turn are mounted to a pair of concrete columns.


Wall Mounted Davits

Aluminum davits mounted to a precast wall (mock-up shown)


Ground Supported Davits

Davit masts extend all the way to the ground are are anchored at intervals to the building face.

  • Most Superchute® sections are made of YELLOW High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • HMWPE is resistant to abrasion, chemicals & cold weather
  • Clients in Alaska & other cold climates appreciate its low temperature impact resistance of -100 ºC (-156 ºF)
  • In hot weather the plastic will become a little softer
  • Bright yellow plastic (safety-minded color) shows off your company name plate
  • Many thicknesses available
  • UV treated

White Superchute® sections are made from the same material as our Yellow High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

HMWPE is resistant to abrasion, chemicals and cold weather. Clients in Alaska and other cold climates appreciate its low temperature impact resistance of -100 ºC (-156 ºF). In hot weather the plastic will become a little softer.

  • White plastic shows off your company name plate
  • Many thicknesses available
  • UV treated
HDPE (other brands)0%
HMWPE (Superchute®)0%
Carbon Steel0%
UHMWPE (custom Superchute® plastic)0%


higher number = longer life


Superchute® Cable Assemblies

  • Quickly add or remove chute sections for your job with our strong & lightweight linking system
  • Chutes clip one on top of another using cables and U-bolts on both sides of the chute
  • Connected cables support the entire weight of the chute without strain on the chute wall

Note: A cable assembly pair supports the weight of the chute sections beneath (cable assemblies higher up support more weight than lower ones)


Superchute® Regular Rope Bag

  • Complete set-up for 1 WrapAround® Regular section
  • Includes 2 x 40″ cable assemblies; 5 eyebolts; 1 red rope; 1 instruction sheet
  • Weight: 5 lb.

Superchute® Eyebolts

  • For Wraparound® Regular sections
  • Five eyebolts are needed per section
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.


Superchute® Red Rope

  • For Wraparound® Regular section
  • Red elastic shock cord with clip and toggle
  • Prevents fastened Eyebolts from unscrewing
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.


Superchute® Threaded Studs

  • Used to repair damaged studs on Wraparound® Regular sections
  • Can be purchase on its own or in a kit
  • The kit contains: 1 Torque head; 1 Allen key; 1 Wrench; 100 Studs

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