Forklift Frame

Forklift Frame

  • Safely suspend a chute from a telescopic forklift
  • No loose pieces
  • Adjustable channel spacing for fork blades 
  • Space saving design
  • 4 built-in tie-back lanyards at each corner to secure frame to the forklift


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Fork-Lift frame folded

Fork-Lift frame deployed

Chute system parallel to fork blades

Chute system is perpendicular to fork blades

Supports up to 900 lb. of chute.
SC-900-F Installation Manual 



  • The length of chute that a hoist can support depends on the weight of the sections used
  • A section’s weight is determined by its diameter, design & thickness
  • Height limits will be further reduced if steel liners are installed
SC-900-f900 lb. capacity support frame270 lb.
Parts & Accessories

Protect your company and your workers.

  • Store & protect manufacturer’s instructions, manuals, references guides & site sketches
  • Use extra canisters useful for protecting the instructions that accompany other tools
  • Virtually indestructible hard plastic tube
  • Weatherproof
  • Bolt the canister to the hoist

Superchute® Locking Pins

Locking pins are used to set up your Hoist.
Note: Each hoist model uses it’s own pin size.


Superchute® Forklift Frames for supporting chutes are helpful when:

  • The contractor wants to be rapidly move the chute to different dumping stations around the building
  • The chute is only needed for a few hours
  • The building cannot accommodate installation of an on-board chute hoist like a steel slope roof for example
  • Use of scaffolding as a chute support is impractical

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brochure-hoists-4sides-v2-1Chute Hoists Brochure

PDF version


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