Nets & Tarps

Excellent debris & dust control.  Proudly made in Canada using yarns and fabrics sourced in North America.

  • We carry 8 sunlight resistant debris net weaves in many sizes 
  • Fine mesh net with a stretching weave provides shade 
  • Over 25 years of tried & tested use across North America 
  • Catch light debris falling from scaffolds, bridges & buildings under construction 
  • Hundreds of rolls in stock at all times available for immediate shipment
  • Each roll is individually bagged 
  • Reinforced knitted buttonholes along the edges 
  • All Scafnet® models can be quickly cut to size without fraying 
  • Disposable nylon quick-ties allow for rapid Scafnet installation 
  • Install bands of Scafnet® from top-to-bottom or left-to right 
  • Scafnet® meets the following requirement: OSHA 1926.451 (h)(1) Scaffolds: “Falling Object Protection” 
Custom Products
Made in North America