Projets protection anti-chute

StrapRail® Projects
GuardRail System

City of Montreal

City of Montreal WWTP

Custom made automatic StrapRail® winder.

Scaffold Russ Dilworth
StrapRail® being used on a new building site.

Parapan Am Velodrome
StrapRail® used on the Cisco Milton Pan Am/Parapan Am Velodrome.

Head to Toe Safety

StrapRail® used to suspend 9 net panels.

Hensel Phelps

StrapRail® system for hotel construction.

City of Montreal Water Works – Project #2
Custom 49″ tall bolt down posts were used to install a guardrail over a wood deck that was 4″ taller than the slab.

City of Montreal Water Works – Project #1
StrapRail® & EdgeGuard® were setup around a water filtration tank. The straps were anchored to existing columns using blue belts.

Brookhaven National Lab Project

StrapRail® was used to raise the effective height of a non-compliant wall and anchor a protective netting screen in front of a crane track. 45″ tall wall posts were used to anchor the straps.

RopeRail® Projects
Full Height System
High Clearance System
GuardRail® Projects

Seaway Project

Fall protection against falling into a water transport lock.

Free Standing Hatch Rail Project

Custom box shaped cage for hatch access.

City of Montreal Project

Guardrail installed around a hatch in a water filtration plant.

EMCO Project

Guardrail installed around a hatch at a paper mill. Custom gates and banner lettering.

Machine Guarding & Area Delimitation

Prevents workers from entering restricted areas and valuable machines from forklifts.