Strap Kit

StrapRail® Strap Kit

A highly visible engineered Fall Prevention Barrier.

  • Install or dismantle 100′ of StrapRail® in approximately 1 hour 
  • The system protects the entire space between the anchors 
  • Add or remove lengths without affecting adjacent installations 
  • Each 100′ orange strap is stored in its own carry bag 
  • A variety of anchor posts allow for many installation situations 
  • Each Strap Kit contains all the components needed for 1 rail member
  • A rail member could be the top rail, midrail, toeboard, or overhead strap
  • Each orange strap is 4″ wide & tensioned using its own ratchet
  • The maximum possible tension applied is 2,500 lb. per strap
  • A structural engineer must verify the adequacy of the supporting structure prior to each installation

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear picture of the Strap Kit on the jobsite
  • Shows the precise quantity of StrapRail® needed for the job
  • Shows how to achieve proper positioning
  • Recommends the appropriate parts
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

StrapRail® complies with:

  • Full compliance with US Federal OSHA Standard 1926.502 “Fall Protection” – click here for more information
  • Cal/OSHA (horizontal load of 20 pounds per lineal foot at the top rail)
  • Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, REGULATION 213/91 FOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Section 26.3(5) (point load of 150 pounds applied to every 8 feet of guardrail at the top rail equivalent to 19 lb per linear foot)
  • Quebec’s CCST Safety Code for the Construction Industry, 3.8.3

Other guardrails:

  • Temporary guardrails are usually constructed of wood, steel or wire rope with netting & not usually tested after installation
  • Workers & safety inspectors do not deliberately lean on these barriers since they suspect the guardrail could fail
  • Wood guardrails are costly to build and the lumber is scrapped at the end of the job
  • Steel guardrails are heavy and require ample storage space
  • Wire rope guardrails are often slack which allows the top rail wire to deflect below the OSHA minimum height of 39″


StrapRail® Strap Kit

  • Installed StrapRail® System is under continuous self-test with considerable tension on the straps & anchors
  • Fully tensioned state proves anchors have been correctly installed & that the railing is safe for use
  • No other temporary guardrail system offers this self test benefit
  • Workers & safety inspectors can deliberately lean on our system without fear of falling
  • StrapRail® is fully engineered, lightweight & reusable for many years
  • It is compact and easily transportable or shipped
  • We can quote & manufacture customized systems for your needs
Strap Kit
  • 1 x Orange Rail Strap (100′ x 4″) with velcro storage band / other lengths available: 25′ – 50′ – 75′
  • 1 x Orange Ratchet Strap (4′ x 4″) with velcro storage band
  • 2 x Steel Quick Links
  • 1 x Brass Padlock for the Ratchet (all padlocks are keyed alike)
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 3 Strap Kits are used in our 45″ Guardrail & 94″ Tall Barrier Systems


  • RFID Chip Orange & blue straps contain an embedded Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip
  • Chips can be scanned with a handheld scanner to obtain complete history
  • Scanners can be purchased from FIELD ID.

RFID Strap


Data Access Methods

There are 3 ways to access & update a strap’s information on the web based inspection log:

  1. Scan the RFID chip system with a chip scanner
  2. Scan the bar code on the printed strap label
  3. Use the serial number on the printed strap label


The image at left shows the location of the embedded RFID chip in the sewing pattern, as well as the printed polyester label.

  • StrapRail® is a safety product – greatest care has been taken in sourcing the best webbing & hardware
  • Webbing is woven in Canada using UV resistant yarn for a projected life of 10 years
  • Straps are sewn using computerized sewing machines for a consistently reliable stitch pattern
  • Extensive testing done to meet & exceed North American guardrail standards
  • Go to Fall Protection Videos section to see some of the tests