Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

Container fires could ignite suspended chute systems, set fire to buildings and introduce smoke.
Please read the following precautions to prevent a container and chute system from catching fire and setting fire to the building.

This photo was taken minutes after a fire began in a trash container. Flames spread from the container to a competitor’s chute and into a wooden building under construction. The building was destroyed.

Fire Warning Signs

All Chute Sections are printed with a fire warning notice since May 2004.


Plastic Danger Sign

  • Post this warning notice around the trash container & on all floors facing the chute and inform site personnel
  • A plastic danger sign is included with every chute system that leaves the Superchute® factory
  • Durable plastic 8″ wide x 12″ tall (sold individually)
  • Call 1-800-363-2488 to order more as needed
  • Danger Sign 


To prevent a container fire use a Superchute® Container Drencher to keep container materials wet. Include our Drencher in your fire prevention plan.

water-hoseEvery floor with exposure to the chute should be equipped with a water hose.

1. Consider installing the chute at a distance from the building on a steel scaffold.

The fire in this photo occurred when a welding spark from an upper level fell into the dry container. The fire quickly spread from the container to the scaffold mounted chute and damaged the right hand corner of the building. The contractor subsequently reinstalled a new chute on a scaffold but took care to place the scaffold at a distance from the building. Ramps are used to access the chute.


2. Install the container at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from the building (check local by-laws).

Quick Release Cable System

Consider installing a quick release at the discharge end of the chute.


Superchute® Black Fire Retardant Plastic Chute

Superchute® Galvanized Steel section.

Consider the following at the end of each work day:


  • Tying off the end of the chute so as to hold it away from the container
  • Removing the discharge end of the chute (the last 3 or 4 sections)
  • Pulling the container away from the chute and the building
  • Sealing the container with a fireproof lid (example: metal sheets)

Container Fire

Above is a video of what can happen when a fire ignites in a container.

Hover mouse over the movie to play.