Scaf-Line® Anchor Line Fall Arrest System

Scaf-Line® is an anchor line pole for scaffold users.

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  • Customized solution designed & fabricated to meet your requirements


In the event of a fall Scaf-Line® will:

  • Maintain the structural integrity of the scaffold 
  • Absorb energy by means of the flex in the pole & the worker’s shock absorbing lanyard 
  • Disperse energy over the scaffold structure 


  • Always install Scaf-Line® on the strongest scaffold components as shown in the illustration
  • Attach an energy absorbing lanyard or retractable lanyard to the Scaf-Line® wire
  • Maximum of 2 workers per pole
  • Type 1 Connectors will fit scaffold pipes from 1.6” – 2” OD
  • Various pole lengths & connectors are available for other scaffold types
Standard Pole Lengths7’ or 10’
Standard RiggingSingle or double lifeline
Standard Wire Rope Diameter3/8” or ½”
Wire Rope FinishGalvanized or Stainless

Superchute® can provide free and helpful sketches within 24 hours.

A Site Sketch :

  • Shows a clear image of the Scaf-Line® on the jobsite
  • Shows how to achieve proper positioning on scaffold
  • Recommends the appropriate parts
  • Contact us for your custom site sketch

Other guardrails:

  • Temporary guardrails are usually constructed of wood, steel or wire rope with netting & not usually tested after installation
  • Workers & safety inspectors do not deliberately lean on these barriers since they suspect the guardrail could fail
  • Wood guardrails are costly to build and the lumber is scrapped at the end of the job
  • Steel guardrails are heavy and require ample storage space
  • Wire rope guardrails are often slack which allows the top rail wire to deflect below the OSHA minimum height of 39″



“SSFI members have become aware of the increased use of scaffolds as fall arrest anchorages. This practice is a matter of concern for SSFI members because scaffold systems and components were not designed or manufactured specifically to withst and fall arrest forces. Very few scaffold components will meet the federal OSHA requirement of 5,000 pounds for a personal fall arrest system anchorage.”

SSFI TECHNICAL BULLETIN, The Scaffolding, Shoring and Forming Institute (SSFI) –

Alternate Uses

Using Scaf-Line® to Rig a Vertical Lifeline

  • You can also suspend a vertical 5/8” rope grab lifeline (for up to 2 workers) from the Scaf-Line® wire rope
  • The vertical lifeline is not anchored to the ground – it may be optionally tied loosely at ground level to facilitate the sliding movement of the rope grab
  • Useful for tall scaffold towers where a worker can be secured to the lifeline at any point along the height of scaffold
  • Consists of a synthetic fiber rope & used in conjunction with a rope grab



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